Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a vital part of increasing awareness and traffic to your website and various other online pages. Many people nowadays use search engines—especially Google—to find products and services they require. SEO for insurance agents can be improved by online marketing services, leading to more people discovering your insurance agency. How is this done, though?

What Is SEO?

Using a search engine to look for a specific query often results in hundreds, thousands or even millions of pages all vying for your attention. How often have you gone through all of the page results? In fact, most people tend to only stay within the first page. SEO optimizes the search results for your page by helping it rank nearer the top of the list with the aim of being one of the first few results.

Use the Right Keywords

SEO works by using keywords that are most likely to be used for related search queries. In the case of SEO for insurance agents, this would mean something such as “car insurance” or “automobile insurance.”

The Importance of Quality Content

In more recent years, Google has put more importance on quality over quantity. This means websites cannot simply have multiple keywords scattered randomly. A conversation needs to be started, causing people to link back to your website, so creating quality content is much more likely to bring attention to your website and improve its SEO.