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3 Ways Pre-Employment Physicals Help Businesses

Hiring new employees is a painstaking process. One of the many screening methods employers use are pre-employment physicals prior to the start of work. This can be helpful, especially to a company’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier. Here are the three ways mandating these physicals for new hires can help businesses.

Identify Pre-Existing Injuries

Injuries on the job are costly. Not only is there lost productivity associated with such incidents, but there is also the expense of accompanying workers’ compensation payments to consider. Identifying preexisting conditions for employees is a helpful way to know what was already present before the employee began working.

Shield the Company From Lawsuit

Knowing what health conditions an employee is facing will also help shield the company from lawsuits. For instance, if the employee has early stages of a disease like cancer that can be linked to a product the business makes or uses, it could be falsely attributed to the worker’s employment at the company.

Prevent Employee Turnover

It’s helpful to know if a new employee is physically capable of performing the work before the first day on the job. Rather than waste time and resources training an employee who will leave soon after, employers can instead rescind their offers and move on to the next qualified candidate.

Hiring new workers is costly and time consuming. Thoroughly pre-screening employees helps to make the process more fruitful.