Insurance Coverage

A Short Guide To Construction Insurance

If you are a property owner, developer, or contractor that is involved in a construction project, it is important that you make sure you are properly protected throughout the process. Construction projects are massive undertakings that involve many people and a lot of different risks. It is important that everyone involved is properly covered with construction insurance.

What Is Construction Insurance?

Technically, construction insurance is just a broad categorization of different insurance policies that can provide those involved in construction projects with protection. It is very important that everyone involved in a construction project has good insurance coverage as unexpected incidents can lead to massive financial losses.

How Much Does Construction Insurance Cost?

Each construction insurance policy’s cost can vary widely. Some of the factors that will influence how much each person will pay are:

  • The individual’s credit history
  • The individual’s experience
  • The size of the project
  • The location of the project
  • The coverage limits and deductibles

What Are The Different Types Of Construction Insurance?

There are many different types of construction insurance that can provide coverage for a variety of different people involved in the project. Some of the more common types are:

  • Builders risk
  • Contractor general liability
  • Commercial auto/truck
  • Inland marine
  • Workers’ compensation

Construction projects are massive undertakings that have a lot of potential for things to go wrong. Construction insurance can help make sure everyone is properly protected.