Abusive Acts Liability Coverage

The Truth Behind Abusive Acts Liability

Staffing agencies put themselves at risk on a regular basis. Helping connect businesses in need with skilled employees means being able to vet prospective applicants quickly, and sometimes things fall through the cracks. Other times mistakes happen, and though misunderstandings occur, it can still leave your company at fault. If you’re wondering what is abusive acts liability coverage, here is a quick breakdown of its importance.

Acts of Aggression

Unlike theft or property damage, abusive acts don’t have to be material. These consist of actions that can cause both physical and emotional trauma. Sometimes these injuries are not easily visible, but it’s important to protect your company and its employees if allegations are ever made. Some of the most common forms of abusive acts include:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Physical injury
  • Mental anguish
  • Fright
  • Shock
  • Death

Staffing agencies without abusive acts liability coverage run the risk of incurring hefty litigation fines, something that can be mitigated with the right policy. While many insurance firms bundle these options within a general liability policy, others have specific coverages just for abusive acts, such as World Wide specialty programs. These policies give staffing agencies more control over how coverage works. Look into acquiring abusive acts liability coverage, so you don’t leave your business exposed to expensive litigation.