Insurance Coverage

How Healthcare Businesses Can Control the Rate of Workers’ Comp Claims

A big part of running a successful healthcare business is understanding how to handle your insurance. While offering workers’ compensation packages to employees is par for the course, you may find yourself struggling with the number of claims that workers are putting in. The more claims that are submitted, the more likely it is your rates will rise and you’ll be spending a lot more on keeping your business insured. Thankfully, there are ways you can control these rates and keep costs manageable.

Focus on Education

Perhaps the best move you can make for your healthcare business to reduce insurance claims related to workers’ compensation is to educate your staff on proper safety protocol. This can range from a simple refresher course on how to avoid accidents in the workplace to more involved courses like a telephonic nurse triage program. The more time you dedicate to ensuring all members of your team are on the same page with safety protocol, the easier it is to guarantee claims are under control. Other points to consider can include:

  • Claims on previous policies
  • Current industry premium standards
  • Insurance for specialized services

Find the Perfect Fit

While there are many different wants to create a safe and functional workplace, you should always be sure that safety is a top priority. The more time you dedicate to keeping your team educated and secure, the easier it is to control your claims.