Insurance Coverage

Septic Tank Installation Liabilities

The last few years have seen an increase in the amount of business the septic tank industry has received, and growth is projected to continue. If you work on the installation side of the septic industry, you may find yourself busier than ever. In order to be prepared for the business demands, you need to make sure your company is properly insured. There are multiple exposures and risks that come with installation services, but comprehensive septic tank insurance coverage can make sure these are carefully addressed.

Multiple Coverage Needs

There are several plans to choose from when looking at comprehensive insurance. The most common policies septic installation companies take out include the following:

  • General liability
  • Commercial auto
  • Inland marine
  • Tools coverage
  • Excess liability
  • Workers comp insurance

Key Risks

The key risks covered by these insurance policies could cost your company thousands of dollars if a liability claim is filed against you. In spite out of your meticulous installation practices, a piece of equipment could damage the consumer’s property, leaving you liable for repairs. A piece of equipment could break or be stolen, an employee may be injured while working on a project and your commercial vehicle could strike another on the way to the job site.

Without insurance coverage, the expense of repairs, replacement and damage awards would come from the company account. This can mean financial ruin for your company. It is better to invest in sufficient coverage.