Alcohol-Related Liability

Protecting Yourself From Alcohol-Related Liability

If patrons consume alcohol on your business’ premises, it’s important that you have good liquor liability insurance. This coverage, which comes in two main forms, can help protect you from liability issues that may occur in situations where alcohol is present.

Who Needs Coverage?

You may think that if your business doesn’t sell or serve alcohol that you don’t need liability protection. However, if your business allows patrons to consume alcohol on the premises, even if you don’t provide it, you’ll want to have protection.

Liquor Liability

The first type of liquor liability coverage is for businesses that sell or serve alcohol themselves, such as restaurants or bars. It can cover legal expenses resulting from injury or  caused by an intoxicated person on the premises. 

Host Liquor Liability

Host liquor liability insurance is ideal for businesses like venues or restaurants that do not serve alcohol themselves but allow guests to bring it onto the premises. It covers many of the same expenses as standard liquor liability coverage.

If alcohol is consumed on your company’s premises, whether or not you sell it yourself, you need to have good liquor liability insurance. This ensures that you are protected in case of accident or injury relating to the consumption of alcohol.