Coverage Plan Insurance Coverage Mariner Liabilities

Mariner Liabilities for Oil Spills

Shipping operations all over the world are subject to international regulations concerning the responsibility of pollution damage occurring on open waters. In response to the devastating effects of oil pollution on the environment, an international convention adopted a standard of liability coverage requirements and responsibility for any spills of oil that occur when carried as fuel within a ship’s bunker.

Filing for Your Blue Card

The information found on establishes that vessels over 1,000 gross tons coming from or headed to the signatory nations of the Bunker Convention have the Bunker Convention Certificate on hand to show the financial recourse in the event of a spill. A vessel can use private funds or an insurance policy to establish proof of financial security to comply with applicable national or international limits of liability should pollution damage occur. Regardless of the fault of the incident, the registered owner of the vessel is regarded as the at-fault individual and held liable.

Receiving Your Certificate

Thanks to improvements in technology, certificates, known as the “Blue Card” can be applied for online. The certificate is issued to the principal place of business for the registered owner, and the application must be filed in the flag state of the applying company. If all of the information has been listed according to requirements and the financial security is approved, the bunkering certificate is issued via email to the registered owner.