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EO Insurance Customized To Your Profession and Niche

Professional liability insurance is an incredibly varied form of coverage, in no small part because of the wide variety of professions that need it to operate. There are a lot of common issues faced by individuals in highly skilled fields like the law, finance, and medicine, but their specific areas of exposure to liability can vary quite a bit, even within an industry. Accountants and investment brokers, for instance, have very different niches within the finance industry. That means they need different things from professional E&O coverage, even if they have a few broad protection needs that do converge. It’s obviously even more pronounced when comparing completely different professions like law and medicine.

Coverage Built Around Your Business

There are two ways to go about finding professional liability insurance. You can find a specialist whose protection is built for your profession, or you can find a company that specializes in building policies around your needs, whether you’re investing, working as an IT consultant, or operating within the legal and medical fields. The resources provided at explain some benefits of this kind of coverage, which include:

  • Unique levels and types of protection for your practice or business
  • Common coverage options for your field
  • Tailor-made quotes that bundle in E&O as well as other forms of professional liability coverage

It might be time to talk to someone about making the switch to a fully customized policy if you’re currently working with a one-size-fits-all E&O solution.