Construction Industry Insurance Insurance Coverage

The Hazards of the Construction Industry

According to national statistics, the construction industry is one of the more hazardous fields for a person to work in. This makes sense, as there is a lot of heavy lifting and dangerous machinery involved with daily operations. If you own and operate your own business in this industry, then you definitely need to protect yourself and your workers from potential threats. One way of achieving this is by taking out the right workers comp for construction businesses.

Dangerous Conditions

As reported on, there are many conditions that can lead to accidents at construction sites. Some workers spend their days more than 15 feet in the air, increasing the odds of more serious injuries. Due to the nature of your industry, you might see more expensive payments than in other fields. By aligning with the right insurance company, you can find the best rates and find a plan that includes:

  • Temporary total or temporary partial disability
  • PEO options
  • Part-time worker coverage

Payment Structures

Due to the expensive nature of this type of coverage, there are often a number of payment options available to business owners. Common options include a pay-as-you-go structure and the ability to delay payments under specific circumstances. Work with your provider to see which structure makes the most sense for you.

The sooner you get better workers’ compensation insurance, the sooner you can feel content with your coverage. Look into your options and discover the right choice for you.