Insurance Coverage

Top 3 Legal Exposures for Educators

Education is a laudable vocation. Shaping young minds and educating future generations are the noble pursuits that lead many into the field. The reality of life in the classroom is often different, however. Just as with any employment setting, there are situations that expose the institution and the individual to legal action. To combat it, there is educator professional liability insurance coverage that will provide protection for these top three exposures and more.

Discrimination Claims

With so many types of students from diverse backgrounds, discrimination claims can arise at any time. It’s important to treat all students fairly and provide the same opportunities, but even cases that have no merit can end up with legal action that is expensive to defend for the individual or institution.

Student Injury

Young people congregating in classrooms, hallways, gymnasiums, and more are prone to physical injury. However, educators may also be held liable for personal injury claims like libel and slander. Parents may also bring lawsuits for claims like failure to educate when they feel their children aren’t receiving classes or services commensurate with their needs.

Employment Practices

Learning institutions are places of employment for faculty, administrators, and other staff. Therefore, claims arising from discrimination in hiring and promotions may also arise. These claims can end up in court where the cost to defend may be exorbitant.

Educators have a monumental responsibility to their students and the community. Having the proper insurance coverage can protect educators and institutions from legal action in the course of that duty.