Force-Placed Insurance

What You Need To Know About Having (and Removing) Force-Placed Insurance Coverage

You may have recently received a loan or a loan extension that came with some insurance strings attached. Sometimes, banks may require you to get force placed insurance to reduce the lender’s risk. While you might have already have this insurance type in place, you might still have questions about exactly what it entails and how you’ll eventually be able to get it removed.

Once Placed, There Could Be Multiple Reasons To Get Your Coverage Taken Off

Although your lender benefits from your having force placed insurance, it could, in some scenarios, turn into a financial difficulty for you. In certain cases, you might be incentivized to remove the insurance. Some of these instances might be:

  • Finding a different lender or a more beneficial policy
  • No longer being able to afford the cost of the insurance

It’s Considered a Necessary Addition To Hedge Certain Loans

However, you may also find it useful to understand why you had to get this insurance to start with. Generally, lenders will require a force-placed policy if the insurance you bring to the table does not provide enough coverage. In this way, it offers them extra protection should you happen to default.

While it might not have been entirely up to you to get force placed insurance, you can at least understand the details of how it works and how you could potentially get it removed. With this fresh perspective, you can balance your needs and your lender’s requirements.