Teacher Liability Insurance

What You Should Know About Teacher Liability Insurance

Defending yourself from a lawsuit, even if unfounded, can be costly. For educators, teacher liability insurance will protect your assets if you are sued for an incident related to your job duties.

Protection Offered

Even if you are found not to be at fault, lawsuits can be costly. Liability insurance covers the cost of attorney fees. If you are found liable, it also covers the judgments against you.

Policy Types

Policies can be purchased by an entity such as a school district. This type of insurance covers employees, volunteers, board members and the like. Individual policies are often an added benefit included with membership in a professional educators organization.

Covered Exposures

There are many potential exposures for an educator. Teacher liability coverage protects you against classroom-related allegations such as failure to educate or providing inappropriate instruction. It can also protect you should a student be injured while under your care. Liability insurance is also important for administrators and school board members who may find themselves exposed to lawsuits related to:

  • Discrimination or accusation of violating a student’s civil rights
  • Suspension or expulsion of student
  • Employment practices such as hiring an unqualified person

A teacher liability insurance policy helps protect you and your assets from the risks related to your profession.